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Forensic Examiner
Lonnie Dworkin

Company Profile
CompuFor LLC Computer Forensics is a locally and nationally recognized computer forensics firm with experience in corporate, civil, criminal defense, family law and computer/network security.

CompuFor, established in 2004 - Phoenix AZ, presently has offices and laboratory located in Scottsdale, Arizona. Our qualified staff has years of experience in computer forensics, eDiscovery, network/computer security, software and systems, and program management.

We have built our reputation on integrity, with compassion, due diligence, and the application of court accepted best practices. Our examiners hold electrical or software engineering degrees, and various certifications in security and computer forensics. Our objective analysis benefits our clients by communicating factual discovery in an easy to understand, and objective manner.

Our formal program management training in the area of estimating and planning, plus years of computer forensic experience has resulted in our ability to accurately estimate effort and costs. Hiring a computer forensic specialist shouldn't turn in to an unending nightmare of expense, and unknowns.

Most of our cases result in settlement or dismissal.

Our Clients
We have successfully delivered eDiscovery and computer forensic services to a diverse client base ranging from individual to multinational clients, small to large businesses, local and Federal law enforcement, and major law firms across the United States.

CompuFor has received court appointments from local and US courts, across various jurisdictions. Private investigators, forensic accountants, and out-of-state computer forensic firms contract with CompuFor to provide evidence seizure, chain-of-custody, analysis and reporting services for their clients.

Winning through Effective Communication
Technical prowess is necessary, but not sufficient for successful forensic analysis, security assessments or effective eDiscovery. Simplified, yet sufficiently detailed & thorough, clear & concise reports and testimony are always the order of the day. Careful selection of examples is at the core of our ability for communicating the significance of technical facts and opinions at settlement conferences, hearings, and in front of juries.